Movement As Medicine is a movement practice that aims to build awareness, leadership, unity, and health through yoga and dance. The practice incorporates gentle, non-intimidating yoga stretches with movement that looks a lot like dance but comes with no stress. We breathe, we warm up the core and we move across the floor to world music. Movement As Medicine is designed to lift and liberate the spirit by reconnecting ourselves with the miracle and joy of movement.

Movement As Medicine is a collaborative environment. Commonly there are no mirrors on the wall ~ we are not doing this to win any prizes, or to come in first place ~ we practice Movement As Medicine to embody an inner experience of kindness and self-compassion. In many yoga or dance classes, people arrive and pay, spread out their mat, practice, roll up their mat and leave ~ not having spoken to another human being. In Movement As Medicine we connect with one another. We hear each other’s names. We laugh. We find what’s real. We find courage. We become more ourselves, not less. We leave happy, refreshed, connected and ready for our lives off of the mat.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I love being in this class. I like moving and being with women who are not judging how I look or who I am. There is acceptance and love in the room. You can feel the beautiful energy of all the other women. It is such an uplifting experience for me – it carries me through the week. It reminds me as I travel through my week as to what is really important. I really love it!”  K. H.

“The sweet gift of MAM has instilled many women with the grace they forgot they had. To learn to really breathe such a blessing and necessity in this life, especially when done with other vibrant women!” J.R.F.