Rebecca’s 2018 Classes currently offered are ;

January 13-March 17  11am-12:30pm                                                             Here 1.0:  Cultivating an Everyday Mindfulness Tool-Kit

This course is designed for “helping, healing and business professionals;” teachers, counselors, social workers, administrators, physicians, nurses, alternative health-care providers, business owners, leaders. Are you looking for greater health and effectiveness on a daily-basis? From this course, you will walk away with a Mindfulness Tool-Kit of everyday mindfulness practices you can utilize in your daily personal and professional life for before, during and after your workday.

 Your Everyday Mindfulness Tool-Kit will include;
* Breathing (pranayama) practices for balancing and lifting the mood;
* Embodiment practices that synchronize mind/body/spirit to feel energized & balanced;
* Standing, walking and seated meditation practices for calming and focusing the mind;
* Asana practices for regeneration, strength and vitality.

This Mindfulness Tool-Kit is designed to increase your daily experience of increased health, vitality, presence and personal and professional effectiveness.

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