Welcome to your Movement As Medicine Yoga Love Buzz Home Practice!

Jump into this video classroom with an exciting 10 DVD home-practice Yoga video library! Each DVD has a specific focus for a complete home practice;

Week 1 : Yoga for Energy
Week 2 : Yoga for Strength
Week 3 : Yoga for Low-Back Care
Week 4 : Yoga for Balance
Week 5 : Yoga for Shoulder Care
Week 6 : Yoga for Focus
Week 7 : Yoga for Rest
Week 8 : Yoga for Grounding
Week 9 : Yoga for Deep Peace
Week 10 : Yoga for the Spirit.

Your investment of $99 (+ tax and shipping) will allow you to enjoy 10 DVD disks of yoga videos, tools and practices ~ delivered right to your very own living room. Sign up BELOW using PAY PAL!

My MAM Yoga Love Buzz Series